Chanté White

That hurricane changed my life.


My partner and I were vacationing in Mexico when a tropical storm turned into a hurricane killing 17 people. 

We were nearly swept away by the surge of  water.  The next day cars were floating by, children were crying for their parents, the devastation was unimaginable . We were without food water or electricity for two days before we were evacuated.  That first person experience with extreme weather made me more committed to fighting climate change with climate action.

That's why I have put forward my name to be your Green Party of Canada Candidate in this federal election.

There is no other place to evacuate to if the whole world is experiencing climate change and extreme weather..

As the daughter of two people who chose Canada to be their home I am acutely  aware of the advantages we have here in Canada.  But all is not perfect and we can build a better society and better future if we choose.

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Graduate of Trent University in environmental studies. 

Member of Future Majority

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We can build a green future for all Canadians if we make the decision to do so.

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I will work with residents in the riding to restore integrity to Canadian politics.